Skate Milwaukee 2018


Digital downloads taken during Skate Milwaukee 2018. You will receive a license on it that gives your unlimited personal use of the photos. The photos will be placed on a share on our web site where you will have unlimited download access. Feel free to share this link with family or friends!

Select the number of skaters and the total number of segments (events) for the skaters. Example: Jane skated in free skate and compulsory and Bill in free skate. The total number of skaters is 2 and the total number of segments (events) is 3. Frank skated in the Novice Men short program and free skate, so the number of skaters is 1 and the number of segments (events) is 2.



Ship photos on an 8 gig USB drive.

The files will also be on our site for you to download as often as you like. This option just saves you from taking the time to download them from our site.

Enter Skater(s) Names or Order Number *

Please enter the Skater Name(s) and if not all events, then the name of the events that you wish to purchase.

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Number Of Skaters

1 Skater, 2 Skaters Same Family, 3 Skaters Same Family

Total Number Segments

1 Segments, 2 Segments, 3 Segments, 4 Segments, 5 Segments, More Than 5 Segments